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Pedestrian Accident Defense

Scranton Attorneys Defend Clients in Pedestrian Injury Cases

Pennsylvania accident lawyers represent drivers facing lawsuits

Pedestrians struck in traffic accidents can sustain serious and even fatal injuries from contact with the moving vehicle, followed by a secondary impact with the hard surface of the street. However, the fact that a pedestrian suffers a grave injury is not proof that the driver was at fault. At Foley, Comerford, & Cummins, our personal injury attorneys defend drivers accused of causing injuries or death to a pedestrian. We represent you in all aspects of personal injury cases including settlement negotiations and courtroom litigation. We defend drivers who do not have insurance or whose insurance company is not providing them with a suitable defense to their civil case.

Understanding pedestrian injuries

Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles may suffer a variety of serious injuries. Broken bones are common, as are injuries to the hands, feet, back and neck. Many pedestrians hit their head during accidents, causing traumatic brain injury, which can range from a minor concussion to serious and debilitating forms of brain damage. Severe brain trauma causes coma or death. At Foley, Comerford, & Cummins, our Scranton defense attorneys represent clients who are being sued over these injuries.

Defending drivers against all Pennsylvania injury claims

Drivers of cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks often hit pedestrians on busy streets and in intersections. While these accidents are often the fault of the person who was walking, drivers are frequently accused of negligence. We defend clients accused of:

  • Distracted driving. Drivers cannot pay full attention to the road when they are using a cell phone or any other electronic device. They may also be distracted by passengers, food or even the button on a car radio. We defend drivers against claims that they were distracted by using phone logs and all other available evidence.
  • Intoxicated driving. The use of alcohol or other intoxicants by drivers frequently leads to serious or deadly accidents. We use blood tests, breathalyzer tests and witness accounts to demonstrate that you were not intoxicated at the time of the accident. We also investigate the pedestrian’s alcohol use, since statistics show that alcohol is often a factor when a pedestrian behaves carelessly in traffic.
  • Unsafe or aggressive driving. Drivers are accused of speeding, disregarding traffic laws or otherwise operating their vehicle recklessly. We use the testimony of witnesses as well as any video evidence to prove that you were driving safely.

In addition to bringing their experience and skill into the courtroom, our attorneys enlist the help of accident reconstruction experts to prove to a jury that you were not at fault.

To present a strong defense, our attorneys raise the possibility that the pedestrian caused the accident. A pedestrian who texts while walking may not be sufficiently aware of approaching vehicles or notice the color of the traffic light. In addition to proving that you were not distracted, drunk or negligent, our attorneys search for evidence that the injured pedestrian is in fact responsible due to his or her own negligence, distraction or intoxication.

If you are facing pedestrian accident litigation, call us today

At Foley, Comerford, & Cummins, we provide experienced and reliable representation to drivers facing personal injury claims from pedestrians. If you have been accused of negligence, we can help. Call us at 570-346-0745 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Scranton office.

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